Saturday, August 20, 2011

Italy and Croatia

After a wonderful time in Verona, we decided to head, as planned, for Trieste. We had to drag ourselves away as we had moved to a new B&B that was fantastic and had a garage downstairs!  By now the temperatures had started hitting 30 deg C consistantly. Here is a photo of the Princess on our last night in Verona.

Here is a photo of our Fiat Panda in the (really small) garage with a (really, really small) Fiat 500. What great little cars.

Anyway we said goodbye to Verona and headed off for Trieste. Took about 3 or 4 hours of white knuckle driving on the Italian Autostrade. Trieste is very different from the Italian cities we'd been in, if only because it's built out of grey stone and looks a bit gritty till you get used to it. There's a beautiful harbour and some absolutely magnificent buildings, esp on the waterfront.

Plaza Del Unite

The Princess and Venus

There was an Italian navy training ship in port with lots of young things tripping up the gangplank in their high heels and LBDs. The officers looked very young and handsome in their whites.

So after leading The Princess away, we headed back to the main Piazza and then to the old roman theatre. Yes, this town also used to be a Roman town.

Roman Theatre, Trieste

We had intended spending a few days in Trieste, but then received a kind invitation from our friend Sara's family in Sveti Ivan, Istria, to spend a little time with them in Croatia. What a great time we had! The food was magnificent and the hospitality unmatched. Sara loaded us into her old VW van and we hit the road.

  Sara sliding down the bannister...

Here we're having dinner at Konoba Sole. One of the best gourmet meals I've had. Heavy on the truffles, chef and your best wine to wash it down with. Marino and Daniel produce (and cook) most of their own food. What a great night! Here we are sipping on my Basil sorbet!

Rovinj, on Ferragosto long weekend

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